Monday, November 24, 2014

The Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Necklace and Earrings

Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Necklace
Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Necklace
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The design for this pretty necklace is a stylized representation of Bohr's model of the atom that most of us learned in our general science classes. (Do you remember this from school?)

Here, the nucleus is formed from a larger stone in the middle, with three electrons orbiting around it, made up of smaller colorful stones.

Our current view of the atom is more complex than the Rutherford-Bohr model, but the simplicity of this model gives us a good basic understanding of atomic structure, which is all that most of us will ever need!

The most critical reviews of this necklace was that the silver chain wasn't very sturdy and for some it was too short.  You can replace it with something longer and more durable if that's a problem for you.

Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Earrings Silver
Model Atom Earrings

Men might also enjoy the pendant, and wear it on a leather cord.

This would make a great gift for science teachers or for avid science students.   You can also pair it with these pretty matching earrings shown to the right. 

Just in case you're not familiar with Bohr's Atomic Model (also known as the Rutherford-Bohr Model), here's a very simple review.

Stylized Lithium Atom by Halfdan
This drawing to the left is a stylized Lithium atom.   The center is the positively charged nucleus, made up of protons and neutrons, and the negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus.  The number of protons and electrons are the same, and in the case of Lithium, there are three of both.

So why are the earrings and necklace representations of the Lithium atom?   Most likely it's because this simple design is appealing to the eye and easy to recreate!   

What do you think?   Is this jewelry a good enough representation of the Bohr atomic model?  


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